Letter: Carmel and Hamilton County could work together to address ‘urgent needs’



I appreciated your article about your door being open and that you attempt to represent your diverse readership.  I think your format is good covering topics of interest and featuring stories which illustrate the cultural and ethnic diversity in our community, and lots of ‘good stuff’.  Our community  continues to be nationally recognized,  and we have more round abouts than anyone, but we are grossly lacking in providing sufficient affordable and low income housing.  Our community diversity ranges from the super wealthy to families that are struggling or are even unable to provide sufficient food for their families on a daily  basis.

Community leaders unanimously agree that low income housing is the main need in Carmel, followed by the need for emergency and homeless shelter (none in Carmel or Hamilton County), and many other needs follow along.  It is alarming that the cap on subsidized  housing has been reached so no more can be built.  As the populations ages, there will be more and more seniors who can’t maintain a home, have huge medical or pharmacy bills, and try to live on Social Security so they can’t afford the luxury retirement communities (profit or not for profit) and want to stay in their Carmel community.  So there needs to be an in-depth look at those building restrictions for Carmel and Hamilton County.

I think we the people, and the governing bodies all need to put our smart pants on and realize that not all homes have to be McMansions, with all granite counter tops, all stainless appliances, spa bathrooms, sky reaching ceilings, etc.   Surely in a community as diverse as ours, with the wealth of scientists, architects, interior designers, urban planners, etc., they along with the Mayors, City Councils, and the zoning commissioners in Carmel and Hamilton County could work together to address these urgent needs.  Perhaps there could be incentives for landowners and builders so they can still make the expected profit from a development.

Kay Nickey