Letter: Let’s get health care legislation right



My mom used to say that health insurance was a source of wealth and security for Americans who were not “billionaires.” My mother lived to be 91 years old. She always worried about medical costs and how her monthly income would cover prescriptions or co-pays. I am grateful for President Obama’s administration work to put a health plan in place that moved our nation forward in making sure all Americans are able to receive quality health care. Is the Affordable Care Act perfect? No, it is not, but it is a huge step forward to work together as a nation to secure medical plans for all Americans.

The debate continues today with the American Health Care Plan. I am encouraged by what I am hearing on real news sources like National Public Radio about the efforts to implement our democratic processes in order to improve “Obamacare.” This includes dialogue with former administration crafters of the Affordable Care Act to build on what is in place; a cautionary message that is coming from both Republicans and Democrats to “slow down and get it right,” a healthy debate among our elected officials and input from medical personnel who have to implement whatever is finally approved.

To get us where we are today in health care for Americans was not an easy or fast process. A review of this plan in order to improve upon it is also not going to be easy, but it will help meet what all Americans need to feel they have a source of wealth and security by having quality and comprehensive health care.

Let’s keep the momentum going forward so that the strengths of the Affordable Care Act stay and where there are some challenges, let’s fix those for all Americans.

Shelley Carey, Carmel