Carmel High School’s Ambassadors, Accents show set for March 25


The Ambassadors performed earlier this year at the Center Grove competition. Pictured, from left, are  Sierra Talbert, George Schrader, Lauren Alexander, Anja Reese, Cana Smith and Shawn Horrocks. (Submitted photo)

By Mark Ambrogi

The Carmel High School’s Ambassadors and Accents have been displaying their talents for show choir competition the past few weeks.


However, their most important audience awaits.

The Evening with the Ambassadors and Accents is set for 7 p.m. March 25 at the CHS auditorium.

“Our most important audience is our family and friends,” Accents senior Betsy Sandifer said. “We’re really excited to get to perform for them.”

Fellow senior Accents member Valerie Kolic said family and friends are eager to see it.

“A teacher of mine found out we were doing one of her favorite songs in our set and she can’t stop talking about it, so I can’t wait for her to come see it,” Kolic said.

The Accents are an all-female choir while the Ambassadors are a mixed choral group. Each group has different sets prepared for show choir season.

“I love how comical our set is. Getting that reaction from the audience, there is no other feeling like it,” Kolic said. “Knowing you can make people laugh or cry is such a great feeling. Being impacted by each other is amazing as well.”

Sandifer said the comical part is a nice break from more serious sets.

“Some of the novelty songs we have in there really crack up the audience,” Sandifer said.


Sandifer said the Ambassadors’ set is much different from the Accents’.

“(The choir directors) did that on purpose, so I think that contrast is going make things really interesting for all audience members,” Sandifer said.

Kolic said the choral groups get along very well.

“Traveling makes us that much closer,” Kolic said of the competition season. “Not only do we (Accents) all know each other so well but we get to know a lot of Ambassadors, too,” Kolic said. “I think that’s really important when it comes to competition season. We root for each other not just because you are from the same school, but it’s because you love each other and support each other for real.”

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