Letter: Marching for a cause



I took Current to read something enjoyable (love Danielle), before I fell off to sleep. Instead, unfortunately, I read the letter from an angry reader (published in the Feb. 28 edition of Current in Fishers) that disturbed me greatly.  She said all she saw of the Women’s March was a vagina outfit. I’m so sorry. How long has she been losing her eyesight? Did she not see the women, men and children marching not only in the U.S. but all around the world? Marching for our empowerment? For the disabled? For equal rights for all? For the underdog?

As a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, teacher and volunteer worker, I shuddered in disbelief when I read the disparaging and insensitive remarks in her letter. I shudder even more that you would print it. Don’t we have enough division in this community? In this country?

I care so much for the women and all life on this planet, and as a woman I hope she would care, too. This world needs more love and acceptance of others that are different, and peaceful actions such as the march. We need to include and embrace people of all religions, creed and race with compassion – not hate.

If I could have, I would have been marching right along beside them (and yes, my three Republican family members who marched, too). Marching for a cause. Marching in unity for a better world for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

Jay Luan Henson