Fishers Youth Assistance Program recognizes kids at inaugural breakfast


By Anna Skinner

On May 10, the Fishers Youth Assistance Program held its inaugural Breakfast of Champions, a program  recognizing students in the Hamilton Southeastern School District who have overcome challenges. Students were nominated by teachers, guidance counselors and life skills instructors.

Bill Jerrow, president of the Fishers Youth Assistance Program Board, speaks on why breakfast attendees should volunteer or donate to the program. (Photo by Anna Skinner)

The FYAP was founded in 2011 by Judge Steven Nation. Since then, it has received 575 youth referrals. The FYAP provides early intervention for families and students undergoing struggles in the forms of financial assistance, tutors, counseling, camps and more.

At the breakfast, 11 students were recognized for overcoming challenges, such as physical and mental needs, family issues, school transfers, losing a parent to cancer and more.

“More than just those supports alone, this program builds confidence, makes connections, provides a path for a positive future and changes trajectories,” said Dr. Michael Beresford, assistant superintendent of human resources and student services for Hamilton Southeastern Schools. “The Fishers program works in collaboration with the schools, the City of Fishers, Hamilton County Superior Court. We have a lot of partners.”

Students were recognized at the program by those who nominated them. The students  received a plaque from Supt. Allen Bourff.

“As a nonprofit, we are always looking for ways to engage community members as adult volunteers looking to serve more youth in mentor or tutor services and business and organizations to donate time or services,” FYAP Board President Bill Jerrow said. “We are always looking for ways to fund our staff as they work with kids on a daily basis.”

The Youth Recognition Breakfast began in 2011 through the Westfield Youth Assistance Program to recognize youth in the school system.

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