New running group forms from Crosspoint Church


The Fishers Running Club members prepare to run at their first meet up. (Submitted photo)

By Renee Larr

A new club will offer support to the runners of Fishers. Fishers Running Club was recently formed out of a church running group.

“It was birthed out of a church running group at Crosspoint Church,” said Tori Schuh, vice president of marketing. “We decided we needed to get out of our four walls to grow this. We started to gain momentum. It was just birthed out of passionate people who saw the need in this community.”

The club holds weekly runs on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. People of all skill levels are invited to particpate and see if they want to join. Walkers are welcome, too.

“We want to make sure there is a spot for everybody, no matter what the level or pace,” Schuh said. “Some of our regular members will serve as run or walk ambassadors to make sure that every pace and every level has somebody to run or walk with because no one shows up to a run club to run or walk alone.”

The club highlights members’ stories on its Facebook page.

“We want to make sure we’re highlighting our members’ stories because you find your way into running through some avenue of your journey. It’s been awesome to get to know all these different people and hear why they ended up at our club,” Schuh said.

FRC will be at various local events throughout the summer to tell residents about the club. It wants to focus on more than just running.

“Down the road, we’re going to provide support to our members that are running various races around the city. The FRC will meet up at the Indians games or Tuesday night concerts in Fishers. We want to make sure we’re doing much more than just running, because it really does come down to the people in the community,” Schuh said.

Membership is $40 per year. For more, visit


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