State Forest sign project helps Zionsville Community High School graduate earn Eagle Scout rank


Reece Pollard and Aidan Mais earn the rank of Eagle Scout. (Submitted photo)

By Renee Larr

Zionsville Community High School 2017 graduate Aidan Mais recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor in Boy Scouts.

To receive the designation, a Scout must complete a service project and provide leadership to others. Mais, 18, chose his project because he wanted to be a part of something others could enjoy long after it was complete.

“My stepdad is a park ranger down at Yellowwood State Forest in Nashville (Ind.). When I was down there one weekend I noticed the trail was beautifully maintained, but the signs were in disrepair,” he said. “I didn’t think it was right that one of the trails at this park was in such disrepair, so I took it on as a project.”

Mais, a member of Troop 69, met with officials from the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources to coordinate the project.

“My stepdad talked to his superiors to make sure it was OK and that they hadn’t started anything on it yet,” he said.

Mais contacted the Indiana Forestry Educational Foundation, which decided his project fell under its impact statement. The organization funded the project in full, a total of approximately $400.

Mais recruited former Scouts, friends and family members to help construct the new signs.

“We did it more in spurts and construction here at my house. Once the construction was done we took a weekend and went camping down there,” he said.

The project was completed May 26 with a total of 184 hours of work between Mais and his volunteers.

“I’m personally over the moon,” Mais said. “I thought that I had put it off too long. I was part of the way through my senior year, but the fact that I finished strong means a lot to me.”

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