Letter: What happened to good manners?



I was just reading my latest edition of Current (Sept. 5) when I reached Danielle Wilson’s column. I always read it because her writing is funny…sometimes. I always wonder what the household is like because of her quirkiness.

Today, I thought she would end with something funny about the word “insufferable” pertaining to her daughter. Instead, she used it on our president. Disagree with him if you must, but spewing about him in the last paragraph of her column is disrespectful and not necessary. Name-calling, abuse of her public writing (as many media are doing) and sophomoric thoughts has brought this reader to the end of reading her column.

Ann Routson




Libsteria (noun: conjunction of liberal+hysteria. Liberals’ group-think state of mind as a result of their candidate losing the election. Often manifested in loss of clear thinking and good manners when talking about our president).

Danielle Wilson’s recent column (Sept. 5) is the definition of insufferable. I began to read it expecting a grammar lesson. She begins by saying she is bringing the term back, yet it was never gone. Then, she went on to a light-hearted commentary about her girls. She ended by crudely insulting our president. Those of us who lived through eight years of self-restrained criticism of Obama policies for fear of being labeled racists are now enduring unrestrained, holier-than-though comments by the self-adjudged smarter people on the left. I shudder to imagine the wrath that would have descended upon anybody who might have called the previous administration a poop show. Whatever happened to good manners?

Tom Branum, Sr.



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  1. She got it right, except I would go further. He’s an insufferable idiot. For those of you who object to these references to the president, were you as incensed when worse things were said about Obama? He was, and still is, called a socialist nazi fascist communist born in Kenya ISIS founder. He was hung in effigy numerous times. FOX spent more than a week ripping him for wearing a tan suit. Give me a break and stop your complaining.

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