Opinion: Lessons learned from the Dukes of Hazzard


Commentary by Jason Peek

As I watch all the dysfunction, hate, disrespect, violence and all the divisions going on I find myself getting away from the news and watching an old TV show that makes me happy and sets a tone for my personal life.

I started re-watching the Dukes of Hazzard, because as I grew up it was always a show that made me think about my actions and learn to have respect. When Mattel said it would never make another General Lee car with the Confederate flag on top, it led me to put out a public challenge on Facebook. I took a picture of me with my die-cast car and asked for anyone to show me one season, one episode or even one word of racism on the show, and I would destroy that car live on Facebook.

I didn’t get one negative response, because there is none. In fact, if you watch the show you see a family that sits at the dinner table together, respects their elders, family and all who come in contact with them. They even do the right thing even if they are getting wronged by others – another guy named Jesus did that, also. There is no sex, no one dies and in the end doing the right thing prevails. They pray together and are always helping others. So what would be wrong with that? Nothing.

Spend your time helping and doing the right thing and just live your life while you let others live theirs as long as you’re not infringing on each other. Love is what works, folks, not hate and greed and entitlement.