Grand Park to install synthetic turf on playing fields


Eighteen Grand Park baseball diamonds and softball fields will be fitted with AstroTurf’s Diamond Series artificial turf. It is expected to result in fewer cancellations due to weather.

“In the world of travel sports, weather is the unpredictable factor that could make or break a tournament,” Mayor Andy Cook stated. “The installation of turf on the infields means less interruptions during tournaments and overall more playtime. Our dedicated partner, Bullpen Tournaments, is investing in the future of Grand Park.”

The installation costs $2.5 million. Eight baseball diamonds will be complete by the end of this year, with the rest to follow in 2018.

“We are thrilled to invest in the future of Grand Park and the City of Westfield and continuing the vision of making Grand Park Sports Complex a world-class facility,” stated Blake Hibler, VP of Bullpen Tournaments Operations. “No other complex in the country will have 26 synthetic diamonds, creating a destination where baseball truly matters.”

Bullpen Tournaments manages 26 baseball and softball fields in Grand Park.

“This is our private sector partner putting private sector money and reinvesting it into our land. That’s a pretty big deal,” Cook said.

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  1. It is so hilarious how these people invoke the private sector and free market for these situations. It’s almost like they know these Grand schemes and forced #placemakings are anathema to an actual free market. Yet they don’t say anything about free markets when they talk about basic local government functions like filling a pothole or the fire department putting out a fire.

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