Letter: Greg O’Connor is the right individual for the job



It is hard to imagine anyone taking the place of State Rep. Kathy Richardson. Rep. Richardson is a fierce champion for her constituents and for her hometown – Noblesville.

As we look at next year’s election to replace her, it is imperative that we entrust the seat to someone who, like Kathy, knows Noblesville and the unique issues our city faces. Greg O’Connor, our fellow common council member, is that person. Greg’s 10 years of service on the Noblesville Common Council, coupled with his strong background in finance and understanding of local issues, such as infrastructure and workforce development, will serve him, and Noblesville, well in the Indiana General Assembly.

Greg O’Connor has our full support.

Noblesville Common Councilors Brian Ayer, Mark Boice, Wil Hampton, Chris Jensen, Roy Johnson, Mary Sue Rowland and Rick Taylor