Islamic Life Center proposed near 141st Street, Shelborne Road


The Al Salam Foundation has filed a zoning variance request to build an Islamic Life Center at 141st Street and Shelborne Road.

A zoning hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. Jan. 22 at the Monon Community Center, meeting room B.

“The foundation mission is to serve those who are underserved and work to build a stronger community through integration with all faith communities,” said Ashhar Madni, vice president for the board of trustees of the Al Salam Foundation.

Besides worship services, Madni said the foundation has undertaken several community projects throughout the years, including backpack drives for schools in high poverty areas in Indianapolis, fundraisers for Gleaners Food Bank and connecting with other faith institutions as part of the Carmel Interfaith Alliance.

The Al Salam Foundation is hosting a “Neighbor’s Meeting” at 3 p.m. Jan. 14 at Carmel Christian Church, 463 E. Main St. in Carmel. At the meeting, people can ask questions and have concerns addressed.



  1. This is a good development. I would have preferred it on the NW corner of 116th and Spring Mill, across from the Mormon Temple complex, but a nice religious center in Carmel for our many Muslim neighbors will be a benefit to our community.

  2. Well, I sure hope you folks up there enjoy the Muslims intercom system’s “call to prayer”. Yep! It’s going to drive you all crazy five times every day. Then again, Muslims major goal according to their Quran is converting the infidels, which all Christians and Jewish people are…good luck with that!

  3. This is not a good development. Mosques have their “call to prayer” broadcast over an extensive exterior intercom system five times every day. Then again, their Quran dictates killing the infidels who won’t convert to Islam. Yikes!!! Here we go with eventually living in fear for our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

    • Franie, you need to look around and see the multitude of Muslims living around you who want nothing more than to spend their lives decently and peacefully. Speaking as an atheist, if you don’t like that Islam is an established religion in this country, protected by our constitution, you are welcome to go live somewhere else.

    • Franie, you need to realize that you live in a community of many Muslims who want only to spend their lives decently and peacefully, Speaking as an atheist, if you cannot accept Islam as an established and constitutionally protected religion in this country, you are free to move somewhere else.

      • Hey fella, do you know that there is a law, a bonafide Law, on the books in these United States that PROHIBITS ALL MUSLIMS from even being on our soil? Yep! In 1952, such a Law was passed in Congress and to this day is being totally ignored.

        Do you also understand that 80% of all crime committed in this nation, is committed by foreigners? FACT!! Want to wonder what % is committed by Muslims?? You take a good, long look at Dearborn, MI and what the Muslim community has done to that entire area. There are no-go zones there, and outsiders don’t dare intrude. The muslims there don’t follow Constitutional law, no, they practice their own sharia law now. Sharia Law is in DIRECT conflict with our Constitution. Do you really want this community to follow suit??

        This country was founded on Judeo/Christian principles, NOT Islamic Law.
        I really don’t expect an atheist to comprehend nor understand that. Muslims present themselves originally as a “peaceful religion” when they first infiltrate. As their community begins to grow, they collectively begin to demand more and more concessions until you have sharia law implemented. FYI buddy, that’s referred as “the enemy within”. You really want to live amongst people that do not have any desire nor inclination to assimilate? You want enemies as your neighbors, not knowing when they’ll turn on you? Do you want the women in your family being forced to adhere to sharia law? Do you really want to hear the Islamic prayer to call five times every day??? I could go on and on, but I’ll serve you one better.

        • The vast majority of mass murders in this country are done by white males with guns. What is your solution to that?

          • Wow! You seriously don’t possess a working brain cell in that head of yours, much less any knowledge, do you? Why don’t you take a good look at your BLUE STATE cities, especially Chicago and Baltimore. Excuse me for emphatically stating this, but I’m done talking with an uneducated moron. I strongly suggest you go back to the country you came from, for you have nothing to offer the people in this community.


          • Wow! Talk about controlling this website!!! I can’t even respond to your nonsense. You just continue to wear those rose colored glasses, fella. Muslims ARE NOT the “religion of peace” you fool. You’re opening a bottomless barrel of trouble with having a mosque anywhere near this area…MARK MY WORDS!!!

    • The vast majority of mass murders in this country are done by white Christian males with guns. What is your solution to that?

  4. Mike is right about the majority of mass murders in this country.

    Additionally, do research into where the guns were obtained for Chicago murders and you will see it is Indiana.

    Your arguments are rooted in false narratives. One must look into the whole story before reading the lies online.

  5. Franie is just another example of a closed minded member of Carmel. For all the good things this community has to offer. I can’t wait to leave because of people like Franie. For such an educated area the lack of tolerance in is outrageous. I bet Franie asks people if they speak English before saying hello, just like so many other in the area do.

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