Column: Dream big about outdoor living space


Regardless of the size, shape or style of your outdoor living space, dream big! And here is the great news: The correlation between how big you dream and price, it is not entirely direct. Most industries have become skilled at “solutioneering,” modifying and squeezing luxury within realistic budgets and open minds.


How to begin is a prevailing curiosity for first-timers and seasoned veterans. Launch with creative visioning that examines these questions:

  • How do we see ourselves using the space now and in 3 to 5 years?
  • Is this a formal or more natural? Modern/linear is a thriving option, too!
  • Do you enjoy natural stone or concrete pavers? Why?
  • Preferred color pallet?
  • Detail furniture and grill needs in advance.
  • Is shade, privacy, maintenance, pergola, pool, fire feature, etc., a consideration?
  • What about aging in place with easy steps, handrails?
  • Predictable space or something with vision?


We are fans of Houzz and dig the inspiration it accelerates. Quickly tag a dozen of your favorite patio settings without overthinking it. If determined, attend one of the garden shows. Enjoy our modern design studio space at the Feb. 8-11 Suburban Indy Home & Outdoor Living Spring Show  at Grand Park in Westfield.  Or, visit us at the Indiana Design Center at the 2018 Luxe Design Showcase on Feb. 9-10 and experience our Paris-influenced street scene!


Finally, select a professional firm to smartly lead the process and more thoroughly tickle out undiscovered needs. Feeling confident with who you are working with is second only to connecting personalities. You will be spending some quality time and dollars together, and the experience should be enjoyable. 

A note of encouragement: Spring is a delightful frenzy.  Let’s get moving!

Happy big dreaming.


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