Opinion: Celebrating 46


I recently celebrated another birthday, the big four-six. No party or hoopla, but I did have several moments where I certainly felt the love.

My actual birthday fell on Friday, which meant the usual early morning carpool, work and then a Meijer run. But when I finally got home, my family had taken to heart my one present request, to have the house clean. True, as soon as I left, the main floor disaster reigned, but the kitchen was dish-free and the living room smelled of lemon instead of dog poop, so I took it. They do love me!

Saturday I carved out two hours between color guard drop-off and dance pickup to spend some birthday cash at DSW before heading out to dinner with Doo and my siblings-in-law. And even though the restaurant ended up being a seafood place (which made ordering challenging since I vowed long ago never to eat ocean fish while in a land-locked state) and one SIL confirmed on the way home that she has a severe allergy to shellfish (a side street off Keystone, a stretch of US 31, and our toilet will never be the same), it was a fun evening. Plus, I scored a free dessert!

My weekend culminated in a college basketball game in Kentucky. I’ll admit to shedding a few tears as I drove down through dreary fog alone (my youngest became ill and had to bail), but I scrounged up a last-minute date and enjoyed both the hot dogs and the win.

Not the typical celebratory weekend, but if this birthday is any indication of the year ahead, 46 will be a good one. Peace out.