Westfield Washington Schools launches weekly podcast hosted by Supt. Sherry Grate


By Noah Alatza

Westfield Washington Schools administration launched a weekly podcast titled ‘Inside the Rock’ at the beginning of the 2017 academic school year. With 20 episodes so far, the podcast has garnered thousands of views online.

Assistant Principal at Washington Woods Elementary School Kristin Parisi, was one of the most recent guests on an early February podcast. Parisi put into context WWES’s bridges project, which helps fourth graders transition into the intermediate school.

“This is a bridge between fourth and fifth grade,” she said. “We teach our children to value our leadership skills, and so we felt like we could carry that over.”

Parisi said WWES pulls a group of fifth-grade students six times a year to reconnect and talk about adjusting to life at the intermediate school.

The podcast features a wide-array of topics, varying each week and hosting numerous community members including administrators, educators and students making a difference.

“Social media is the way parents want information,” Parisi said. “And to be able to plug into a podcast driving down the street or listening at home. The podcast provides information for families even if they aren’t in the district anymore. They get to know us a bit better and hear our voice.”

For more, visit wws.k12.in.us.



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