Council delays vote on tightening smoking ordinance


The Town of Zionsville is working to tighten its smoking ordinance, but an expected vote at the March 19 town council meeting was delayed because Deputy Mayor Ed Mitro said the revisions still need some work.

“We want to take one last look at the ordinance itself,” Mitro said. “The way it is worded now you cannot smoke on town property, not just within the building, which presents a challenge for places like fire stations.”

Under the wording of the ordinance’s proposed, the exterior of a fire station is still considered town property. Mitro said as an ex-smoker, he understands it is difficult for smokers to make it through 24 hours without smoking for those who do use tobacco. Many members of the Zionsville Fire Dept. work on 24-hour shifts.

Council member Tom Schuler asked if the ordinance excluded smoking on town streets and sidewalks.

“It should not include right-of-way, it includes park property, town hall property, municipal services buildings,” Mitro said. “It would be almost impossible to (exclude smoking) on sidewalks and streets.”

The council is expected to revisit the matter at its 7 p.m. April 9 meeting at Zionsville Town Hall, 1100 W. Oak St.


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