Letter: Trustee incumbent a fine choice



Who is this stranger running against our fine Township Trustee (Danielle Carey Tolan) in the May primary? I cannot find anyone in Westfield who has seen her at public meetings. She suddenly appeared in a TV interview two weeks ago implying she wants to stop the huge successes since 2007 when our downtown was dying.

She does not know that Westfield development is not the jurisdiction of the township. Her uninformed public words are exceedingly insulting. How dare she pass judgement on downtown Westfield’s development by claiming a “citizen task force” needs to be formed to review the plan (I should let her live with her ignorance). I’ll tell you that the plan is 100 percent citizen-produced. The Grand Junction Task Group (all resident volunteers) has met hundreds of times over the last 14 years. We’ve worked with consultants, listened and discussed – all attendees voted, usually unanimously. The city studied and adopted our proposal.

The history is Westfield Washington Township’s 2007 Comprehensive Plan worked out by over 200 citizens) called for a “special study group” to propose an old town development plan. Ken Kingshill put together a group of eight of us. We invited any resident who would attend and participate to join us, and we grew to many. We regularly reported to public gatherings.

Westfield is now a popular tourist destination needing more non-franchise restaurants. This stranger wants to block that opportunity.

Tolan’s challenger does not by her own words know anything about the city. So, some have looked up her record, and apparently she has voted in only two primary elections in the last 10 years – one Democrat, one Republican.

Please vote for Danielle Carey Tolan, the finest Township Trustee imaginable, on May 8, to continue her great Township work and cooperation with the city.

Mic Mead


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