Letter: Segregated high-ability system could exclude top students



I have been reading your columns about whether to put high-ability and general students together.

My knowledge is very elementary of the reasons for and against doing away with the high-ability classes. All I have to relate is a personal experience.

In the third grade, I made Cs in my math class. But one day our teacher gave us a difficult problem to take home and solve. I came alive! I was the only one to solve it. I had been bored but now became interested, and the teacher gave me special problems to solve.

Later, I made all As and did excellent in algebra, trig, geometry and all other courses.

I was a grad with honors in college, where I majored in math. I went on to get a JD from the University of Texas and an LLM from the London School of Economics in International Law.

My point: Some very good students might well be excluded by a segregated system. All students need the best.

Clyde Crockett, Carmel


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