Letter: Do your part to save the vaquitas



My name is Keira, and I am a fifth-grader that fell in love with this amazing animal, the vaquita. There are only 20 to 30 left in the wild today, living only in the northern end of the Gulf of California.

I am wanting to do everything I can to help save these animals while living in Carmel.

Vaquitas are dying because of gill nets. Gill nets are meant for catching fish, but some of the fishermen have brought up their nets with the vaquitas caught in the nets. Mexico had to make it illegal to use gill nets in the area where vaquitas live. Still, vaquitas are still getting caught in gill nets by illegal fishermen.

With your help, by spreading the word about the declining numbers of vaquitas and by buying sustainable seafood, there still is hope. You can also help by donating to VaquitaCPR.org or aza.org/SAFE-Vaquita. These websites also provide more information about these animals.

I hope that you will support this cause and spread the word. My challenge to you is to tell five of your friends about the vaquita and the danger of them leaving our planet forever and give them the same challenge. If we do this, we might start a movement in our little city of Carmel that could potentially help save the future of our friends on the West Coast.

Keira Yesh, Carmel


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