Blueprint for Improvement: Westfield multi-bathroom renovation


Background Info: This early 2000s home in the Oakridge Crossing neighborhood of Westfield is home to a young family. Overall, they love the home, but their bathrooms needed some updates to create a space that functions better for the entire family.


The master bathroom had a tub/shower, but the homeowners did not utilize the tub. The kids’ bathroom had a single vanity, making it hard for more than one person to utilize the bathroom at a time. Both bathrooms had builde- grade materials that dated the spaces.


The goal was to create a space custom-based on the needs of the family.

  1. The largest change came from removing the tub/shower and replacing it with a large custom glass-enclosed shower. This better utilized the space and allowed more natural light into the room.
  2. Additionally, new cabinetry was added with a custom linen tower in the center of the double vanity for efficient storage.
  3. Open shelving in the kids’ bathroom was removed to create space for a double vanity with all new cabinetry and large linen tower.
  4. A wall with a pocket door was added to separate the vanity from the toilet and shower. This allows for multiple people to utilize the space at once.
  5. Hardware and fixtures were updated throughout both spaces.

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