New fitness studio opens in Fishers


A unique new fitness studio recently opened in Fishers for those who like it hot. Hotworx is a 24-hour infrared workout facility.

“Infrared heat helps you burn massive calories while you’re doing your workout,” said Wendy Osmun, owner of the Fishers location. “You’re toning your body, but you’re also getting that detox. So, it’s crazy how it works. When people try it, they’re addicted.”


Guests can choose from isometric exercises or high-intensity interval training. The workouts are led by certified virtual instructors.

“They come in, choose the workout and go into the room. The workout appears on a television screen,” Osmun said. “The isometric workouts are 30 minutes and the HIIT are 15 minutes. You can do a small group or work out alone.”

Infrared heat can help those with chronic pain workout a little easier.

“Infrared heat helps to reduce inflammation in the body,” Osmun said. “So, someone with chronic pain or discomfort who can’t exercise on a regular basis can come in and do some isometric moves or stretching.”

The 24-hour facility is monitored for safety.

“We have security lanyards guests can wear at night or put it next to their mat,” Osmun said. “They just hit a button and emergency crews are on the way. It is monitored, so they’re never alone.”

Members can book sessions through an online app.

“They’re not getting caught up in getting to a class that starts right at 5 p.m.,” Osmun said. “It’s very convenient for people who are on the go and just want to get a workout in but just can’t seem to find the time to do it.”

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