Clear Software closes on funding


Clear Software, a Zionsville-based tech company, recently closed on its first round of venture capital financing. The company was founded in 2012 as a side business for the CEO, Jon Gilman.

“In my consulting work, we would implement business software like SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite,” Gilman said. “Every single time we implemented one of these systems, our customers hated it. The systems were confusing, clunky and slowed their business down so much that they had to augment their staff significantly.”


In 2015, he realized he needed to turn his side gig into a full-time vocation.

“I reached out to a number of venture capital folks in Indianapolis, and over several months built a network of investors interested in Clear Software’s vision, which is to simplify the way companies do business without having to spend a ton of money on consultants,” Gilman said. “We raised $2.5 million in our seed rounds and hired a full-time team.”

Clear Software recently closed a Series A Round of funding, which is the first round of financing a startup receives from a venture capital firm.

“The funding is very significant but confidential,” Gilman said. “It will allow us to triple the size of our team and invest heavily in sales and marketing. Our largest investors include Mark Hill, founder of Baker Hill, Bill Oesterle, co-founder of Angie’s List, and a handful of institutional investors, including Hyde Park Venture Partners, MK Capital, Charmides Capital and Stifel Nicolaus.”

The company moved into a space on Main St. in 2017 but is already looking to expand as it grows.

“We’re running out of space and looking for a larger building now that we can comfortably accommodate 50 to 100 people as we continue to grow,” Gilman said. “Our long-term vision is to grow to several thousand employees right here in Zionsville and help grow the Indy tech scene.”

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