Letter: Thanks to the good people of Noblesville



I just want to thank all the people who stopped and asked if I wanted help recently when I had a flat tire by the new construction on Pleasant Street.

I had managed to get to the parking lot of Genesis Church and had my trunk up, doors open and had called AAA.

Five people stopped, and then two from church. One was Ben. he said I could go inside where it was air-conditioned and had water. The next minute, Jen from church was there with a bottle of water. Then, a lady stopped and said she wanted to go get me a drink as I needed to stay hydrated; it was 93 degrees.

I had a mechanic stop by and a young guy in a snazzy red car. So, thank you all.

I had a great guy from AAA, Chuck, who had my doughnut tire on in no time, and I was on my way home.

Again, thank you, everyone.

Maureen Price



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