Veterans memorial nearing completion


By Chris Bavender

Progress is being made on the Veterans Memorial outside of the Whitestown Municipal Complex. Limestone blocks to be engraved in honor of each military branch have arrived and are in place. The memorial is being built by three Zionsville teens as part of their Eagle Scout project.

“It’s such an exciting project and the Boy Scouts have just done a phenomenal job taking this from concept to reality,” said Tanya Sumner, director of public relations for the Town of Whitestown. “These young men have conceptualized the whole project, met with landscapers, brick makers and stone masons, started GoFundMe pages and set up booths at many events to sell bricks. It’s very exciting to see young people with such determination, and it’s exciting that this is a project that will benefit the entire community, bringing much-deserved recognition to local veterans and their families.”

The memorial stones were part of Scout Luke Pishon’s portion of the project. He said it’s exciting to see the stones being installed.

“It was something that I have been working towards for over a year,” he said. “And now that it is finally done and I am one step closer to getting my Eagle, it’s just a great feeling.”

Scout Luke Revercomb has undertaken the landscaping. He anticipates his portion of the project will be complete within a month if all goes well.

“I think seeing it actually take shape is really satisfying,” he said. “There have been months and months of background work to get us to the point we are at, and seeing it come closer to completion makes me feel good knowing I have helped the town and especially the veterans of Whitestown.”

Chris Luciana is in charge of the third aspect of the memorial – the engraved paver bricks honoring local military. Materials for his portion should be delivered this month with a completion target date of early November.

“I think it’s great to see the project go from an idea to reality, and I think it’s even better that it will benefit Veterans,” Luciana said.

The Scouts’ goal is to create a place where residents can sit and reflect on the sacrifices made by local veterans and active military members.

“That’s why the three benches and a walkway around the engraved bricks were part of the Boy Scouts’ vision for the project from early on,” Sumner said.

The plan is for the project to be complete in time to be unveiled and dedicated Nov. 11, which is Veterans Day.


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