Mt. Vernon High Schools marching band places fifth at state


Mt. Vernon High School’s marching band, the Band of Marauders, placed fifth at the Oct. 27 Indiana State School Music Association State Finals.

The finals were originally scheduled for Oct. 20 at Lawrence Central High School but were postponed due to high winds and a power outage.

“Mt. Vernon picked up hosting (the competition) and we were able to make that pretty successful,” Mt. Vernon High School band director Jackie Nason said. “The band competed with 14 other bands in the class and they received fifth place, which was a higher placing than they had received in the last two previous seasons. I would say everybody felt really good about their placement and felt really good overall about the success of the season.”

The Band of Marauders performed “Mirage: A journey through the desert.” The performers began at one side of the football field and worked their way to the other side throughout the show.

“The first movement we played was intense and aggressive and really rhythmic. It’s supposed to show the battle of getting through the desert,” Nason said. “The second movement was very lyrical to symbolize water, like a mirage, and then we get into the last movement where they’re finishing their journey through the desert.”

The band will take a short break in December. Nason will begin working with the staff and design team to discuss ideas for next year’s performance. For this year’s performance, the students began practicing in the summer.

“It’s really a testament to their dedication, and it’s really cool to see the progression of ability from the time they start to the time they finish, because the growth is really incredible,” Nason said.


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