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I realize George Cottrell’s letter “A case of the roundabouts” in the Nov. 13 issue was satirical. However, underneath the humor, he has a point.

After 25 years of living in Carmel, I moved to Noblesville three years ago to be closer to family. However, I still enjoy going back over to Carmel to eat or shop at favorite venues. Last week, I had occasion to drive up Range Line Road between 116th and 126th streets, and my reaction was, “Carmel, what are you thinking?” A perfectly functional, heavily traveled, four-lane road with periodic stoplights has been turned into a two-lane obstacle course, complete with multiple roundabouts and decorative center islands. Traffic is slowed to a crawl, businesses are inaccessible, and I can only imagine the frustration of first responders when an emergency requires they travel down Range Line.

We have roundabouts in Noblesville, but common sense has prevailed. In Carmel, the constant construction of more and more of them is costly, disruptive to traffic, damaging to businesses and a nuisance to the folks who live along those routes. Instead of functionality, Carmel has inconvenienced its citizens with hundreds of monuments to Mayor Brainard’s ego.

Pamela Jackson



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  1. You are correct about the businesses. I told Ace Hardware that the mayor has caused them to loose my business. I live 2 miles directly south of Ace. Why in the world would I want to go up Rangeline to get to Ace. I’d be traveling at 10 MPH and have to go over 6 speed bumps. Instead I can get to Menards (which has lower prices) in an about the same amount of time.

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