Letter: More studies needed on effects of marijuana



It was with great sadness that I read Ann Marie Shambaugh’s story on Nov. 20. No one should have to suffer as Carmel City Councilor Ron Carter and his family have.

However, a man’s grief is no excuse to peddle disinformation. The councilor somehow blames the deaths his family has experienced on marijuana. The research on marijuana being a gateway drug is inconclusive, at best.

At the same time, more and more scientific studies are showing the potential that marijuana and cannabis extracts have the potential to reduce opioid addiction, along with a number of other medical conditions.

However, as long as the federal government keeps marijuana listed as a Schedule I drug, it cannot be legally studied in the U.S. I suppose we will have to look to our saner neighbors to the north: Canada recently legalized marijuana, which means scientists will be able to perform rigorous studies on its efficacy for multiple medical conditions.

I look forward to their research. And I look forward to the councilor’s cessation of spreading misinformation. We already have a president to do that.

David M. Concannon, Carmel