Letter: Proud of our community



I’m a resident of Noblesville and I’m feeling so proud of our community. As I’m writing this, we just returned from the Colts versus Dolphins game with a Colts victory! Also (that same night), our Noblesville West Middle School West Side Sound performed the national anthem to kick off the game.

As a parent of one of the performers, I couldn’t help but feel many emotions, but I couldn’t wait to hear from my daughter about her feelings of the experience.

“The Colts staff were very welcoming, encouraging and fed us lunch,” she said. “Singing our country’s national anthem in front of thousands of people was such an honor and something I’ll never forget. We represented our show choir, school and community. Ella Whistler also performed with the Colts Cheerleaders, which was so great to see her doing so well and having fun.”

Ultimately, what a great way to end the weekend of Thanksgiving.  For this parent, I’m extremely grateful for the generosity of our Indianapolis Colts and just feel blessed to live in this community.


Jenny Sochocki, Noblesville


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