Opinion: Keeping it (awesomely) real


Here we go again, people. I received a voicemail from a disgruntled reader who couldn’t get through via email. While I applaud her perseverance, I feel the need to address her comments publicly in case anyone else out there shares similar views, and also because they’re a hoot! Happy holidays!

“Danielle Wilson is the most unorganized, pitiful mother in the world.” Granted, I have dropped the parenting ball (and the f-bomb) a few times of late. I work. I have teenagers. Debit cards will occasionally disappear. It happens. As for pitiful, I’d argue that “normal” would be a better word choice. I don’t always love being a mom. I sometimes don’t like my offspring. Those who say differently are either living in denial or in Stepford.

“Her kids are out of control.” They’re really not. It’s true that none of them will be receiving academic or athletic scholarships and they are sporadically lazy and selfish. They also spend more time on their phones than is admittedly healthy. But they have kind hearts and are funny and probably won’t end up incarcerated. I’m sorry if everyone doesn’t have a good relationship with their children, but attacking mine certainly won’t help.

“She should be ashamed and embarrassed.” For what? For writing about the ups-and-downs of life? For being honest and transparent and not peddling the “I’m perfect” lie? I pride myself on keeping it real, on sharing both the good and the bad of motherhood. Which is why I somewhat agree with the last accusation.

“Her ego is off the charts.” I do think I’m awesome. Especially when strangers insult me.

Peace out.


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  1. Denise Gilbey Moe on

    Never take the opinion of strangers on the internet with anything other than a grain of salt. I have 2 teenagers too, work full time, volunteer in my community often and I’m a single mom on top of it. My kids know they are loved and value and they will be just fine. I never want perfection…I want decent human beings that make a positive impact on those around them and that maybe enjoy life along the way.

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