Anson Senior Living sponsors Dementia event


Anson Senior Living hosted an informational Dementia Friends event Dec. 12 at Hampton Inn in Whitestown.

The Dementia Friends Indiana initiative, an extension of Dementia Friendly America, seeks to educate communities across the state about dementia and break down the stigma surrounding the disease. The organization aims to implement practical changes that make life easier to navigate for those with dementia and for their loved ones.

Rob Schaefer, community relations coordinator at Anson Senior Living, said the presentation was about an hour long and was attended by several area professionals.

“The movement is to educate people in all different facets of life about dementia and how to better deal with people with dementia,” Schaefer said. “It teaches people the difference between normal decline in cognition (due to aging) versus dementia.”

The next Anson Senior Living and Dementia Friends event will be Jan. 22. For more, visit


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