Column: Beyond the back door


Have you noticed how many outdoor living spaces, especially patios, are beginning to resemble each other? Me, too, and it’s time to act.

Understand that we love our supplier’s inspirational catalogs, gigabytes of Houzz pictures and Pinterest boards that we reference occasionally for reflection. But it seems our industry is leaning a little too heavy on the catalogs for patio design. Let’s bravely grow beyond that so that your space resembles your taste, your style and your sense of purpose! 

Your story/design/style/process

It really does start with your story. Creating an incredible outdoor living space becomes much simpler and refined when we develop a healthy client relationship, learn entertaining habits, appreciate your family dynamics and unfold how you hope to enjoy the space. That’s when it becomes personal!

That relationship allows inspired design to seamlessly unfold, which confidently flows to style. Style is enormously underrated. Style fuels inspiration, color and mood. It separates your living space from the masses.

This multi-layered process is comprised of hundreds of intricate decisions, most of which are informally answered behind the scenes in our brainstorming sessions, at 3 a.m.-can’t-sleep-epiphany moments and whiteboard sketches. Skilled designers naturally narrow any substantial decisions to a handful of appropriate answers for the team to manage. 

Want more?

If you have an interest in learning more details on creating your stylish new patio, join us at the Indiana Design Center March 9 at 11 a.m. immediately outside our suite, 120A, for delicious bites as we imagine the “Secret Ingredients of Stylish Outdoor Spaces!”


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