Carmel police officers, civilians honored at annual banquet


The Carmel Police Dept. recognized dozens of employees for their service March 1 at its annual awards and recognition banquet.

Two of the top honors went to Det. Adam Theis, who was named Officer of the Year, and Teresa Anderson, who received the Civilian of the Year award.

The Distinguished Service Award is given for a highly creditable act in the line of duty or employment that shows initiative and accomplishment, bringing acclaim to the officer, CPD or City of Carmel.

Distinguished Service Awards were awarded to:

  • Det. John Pirics
  • Det. Mark Paris
  • Sgt. Sean Brady
  • Sgt. Phil Hobson
  • Det. Billy Haymaker
  • Officer Mike Morley
  • Det. Adam Theis
  • Det. Matt Kinkaid

The Life Saving Award honors a member of the department who physically takes action resulting in saving a person’s life from imminent danger of the likelihood of certain death.

The Life Saving Awards went to:

  • Det. Adam Theis
  • Officer Mike Morley
  • Officer Matt Keinsley
  • Officer Dustin VanTreese
  • Office Kevin Kinghorn

The Meritorious Service honor is given for a notable accomplishment in the line of duty that shows outstanding initiative and achievement under adverse conditions with some degree of hazard to the officer.

  • Meritorious Service Awards went to:
  • Officer Cody Barlow
  • Sgt. John McAllister
  • Officer Mike Miller
  • Officer Mikel Leach
  • Officer Jon Rice

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