Column: A mayor for the entire city


Commentary by Fred Glynn

Over the past 23 years, Carmel has undergone a substantial change that cannot be ignored. Since 1996 when our current mayor took office, we’ve nearly tripled our population, and he has been laser-focused on development of his main project – downtown. While the additions to our city have been significant, they have come at a cost not just measured in dollars.

While tax dollars have been pumped into downtown, other areas of our city are being ignored. As I go door-to-door each day, I hear these stories first-hand. The Village of West Clay has streets in need of repair, sewage backups have plagued Concord Village and empty storefronts are appearing outside the city center. Residents want a mayor that listens to them. A city is not sustained solely on the subsidizing of business and development in one area.

I am running for mayor because I know that Carmel is about more than downtown. It’s about people, neighborhoods and local businesses. I promise, if elected, I will represent every resident from every corner of this city. Will our downtown remain a beacon of energy and community? Of course. But I will also work every day to make sure streets are maintained, sewers are working and peoples’ everyday lives are better.

Tall buildings and event venues do not cement a mayor’s legacy. A mayor is judged and remembered on whether he or she listened and did the small things that made everyday life easier for the residents that he or she serves. That will be my mantra every single day while in office. Through fiscal discipline, proper budgeting and listening closely, I will ensure Carmel is a city that works for all residents. Our citizens deserve nothing less.

Fred Glynn is a member of the Hamilton County Council and a candidate for mayor of Carmel. 


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