Letter: Freedoms rely on stable climate



Our farms, our children’s futures and our fundamental freedoms rely on a stable climate. We ought to secure this national resource by taking on the climate threat.

However, I am a proponent of doing so in a sensible fashion. Our nation’s economists have just offered a clarion call on how to do precisely that.

Last month, 3,500-plus economists from across the country united behind one, sensible, step-by-step American plan to reduce carbon pollution. The “Economists’ Statement on Carbon Dividends” is the largest statement of economists in American history and features the largest number of Federal Reserve chairs, Nobel Prize Winning economists, and Council of Economic Advisors to the President chairs ever. Never before has there been such expert consensus by the custodians of our nation’s prosperity.

On Friday, Hoosier students called marked attention to the problem, and now, we Hoosiers have the opportunity to follow the prescription of the custodians of our nation’s economic well-being.

Members of Congress Rep. Susan Brooks, Sen. Mike Braun and Sen. Todd Young can and should lead the Republican party and country toward smart, market-based climate solutions like carbon dividends. We ignore the experts at the peril of the American way of life.

George Gemelas, Carmel


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