Letter: Carmel much improved in 24 years



I have lived in Carmel for 45 years, and what a difference the last 24 years have made. We elected a mayor who had a vision for Carmel, and it has paid off for our citizens. We have many more parks, the Monon, Christkindlmarkt, Palladium, roundabouts that replaced traffic lights and an amazing downtown with many shops.

When I moved here the only restaurants in Carmel were Country Kitchen and McDonald’s on Carmel Drive. The move from New York to Carmel was a shock. I had hoped to be gone in two years but now find myself living in Carmel and feeling like it’s the best city to live and work in, and it has been voted the No. 1 place to live, and it is.

Let’s keep all the great things Carmel has to offer and vote for Mayor Brainard. He has done an amazing job for us and who knows how much better Carmel can be.

Mary Ann Burke, Carmel


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