Letter: It’s easy to re-use plastic shopping bags



A previous issue of Current in Carmel had an article about Kroger planning to eliminate plastic bags.

I think I have a very practical and effective suggestion that would greatly reduce the volume of plastic bags being used in the retail stores.

How about if we encourage everyday customers to re-use the ones they accumulate? I normally cut a hole in the side of an empty gallon size plastic milk bottle and stuff the plastic bags into it.

There’s no reason people couldn’t bring several of them back to Kroger when they shop to be re-used. The bags crunch up to a very small size when empty, so they would not be at all cumbersome.

You would think that environmentalists would have made such a suggestion years ago, but I question their sincerity in taking action to improve our environment. I believe they are mostly concerned about power and control over everyday folks.

Rolf Thoryk, Carmel