Letter: Kozicki stands out



I have been reading about all the candidates in the upcoming election, and I have been so impressed with the list of individuals that are willing to serve our community. They all seem dedicated for the opportunity to serve us, the taxpayers.

I do, however, want to encourage everyone to look at one candidate that stands out in my mind. I want to encourage the citizens of Noblesville to vote for Julia Kozicki for mayor.

I had the honor and pleasure to serve as a Noblesville School Board Trustee for nine years; thus working side by side with Julia for many of those years. I have witnessed first hand that she is action oriented. She is a hardworking, responsible, honest and dedicated servant of our community. She showed true leadership through some difficult transitions, such as hiring a new superintendent and funding challenges with tax caps and referendums. I learned very quickly that being a school board member is a difficult job; trying to balance protecting the taxpayer at the same time doing what is best for the staff and children. Julia did so with a positive attitude and determination. She moved toward being a leader in the difficult times, not away.

I love that she cares so deeply for the Noblesville community and wants what is best for all. She has been open and honest with her campaign. She has been willing to meet and talk with everyone and I believe that will continue to be her behavior when she becomes mayor. She is a lifelong learner and one of the best ways to learn is to listen to others. She has that skill.

I can personally say Julia wants what is best for our city and her actions clearly show it. I have no doubt that she will follow through with her slogan: Respecting Yesterday, Strengthening Today and Leading Tomorrow.

Please join me on May 7 on electing a proven leader, Julia Kozicki for Noblesville Mayor.

Lori Cain, Noblesville