Letter: ‘Survivor’s Anthem’ got it right 



It is hard to put into words how much we love (Maria Cook’s April 30) article.

It’s not because it’s the cover story (although, that is obviously thrilling), but the fact that she was the first reporter/journalist to tell this story the way we hoped it would be told. We’ve done a national show, have another one underway, and have given numerous interviews to several radio stations and podcasts, since speaking with you. You were our first interview. It is clear that the media seems to so often focus on the circus sideshow: the crime elements and man who murdered Jessi’s (our) family.

We thank you for sharing this story as a “Survivor’s Anthem” because that’s exactly what we view this book to be. We cannot thank you enough for writing this. And publishing it. I think seeing it today was the first moment I felt like a “real” author. And in front of my own hometown, no less. There are no words.

Jamie Collins, Carmel


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