Students wrongly administered insulin instead of TB test


Students in the health sciences and biomedicine program at the McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology in Lawrence are required to have flu shots and tuberculosis tests for their offsite clinical experiences. However, when Community Health Network administered the TB test Oct. 1, 16 students were instead administered a small dosage of insulin.

Once the error was discovered, all 16 students were transported to area hospitals for observation as a precaution. Transported students were accompanied by McKenzie staff and Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township personnel, and their parents were notified.

MSDLT is working with Community Health Network to determine what caused the error and evaluate the processes as needed.  

MSDLT issued a statement of which in part read: “The MSD of Lawrence Township has a long-standing and strong partnership with Community Health Network. We have full confidence that the events of today are isolated in nature and will be addressed swiftly by the Community Health Network.”


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