Cook, Johns win contested Westfield elections


There were only two contested races in Westfield for the 2019 general elections – the mayoral race between Republican Andy Cook and Libertarian Donald Rainwater and the Westfield City Council District 5 race between Republican Mike Johns and Independent Kate Healey Snedeker. Cook and Johns won their races.

“I think that what we received tonight was a huge mandate to keep Westfield on track, and our initial polling in August and September showed that so many people were in favor of where this city is going,” Cook said. “It has taken 10 to 12 years to put together a plan, and I don’t use that term lightly. It’s been a financial plan, a plan of public safety, a plan of working with the schools creating a huge, wonderful school system, a land use plan, an economic development plan including the efforts over the last five years with Grand Park and developing the tourism and the hospitality industry.”

Mike Johns did not yet return a request for comment.


The preliminary final results for the opposed Westfield races are as follows:


Andy Cook (R): 61.41%

Donald Rainwater (L): 38.59%



Mike Johns (R): 59.91%

Kate Healey Snedeker (I): 40.09%


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