Sanders Glen paves way for future expansion


Although new developments aren’t planned, Sanders Glen Assisted Living and its parent company, American Eagle Life Care, are preparing for future expansion.

At its Nov. 6 meeting, the Westfield Advisory Plan Commission held a public hearing and voted in favor of an overall development plan and plat review for 10.29 acres at 334 Cherry St.

The property is divided into two lots. In January 2003, the town issued a demolition permit to remove a single-family home on Lot 1. Lot 2 has been used for Sanders Glen since 1989 with an addition to the original building in 1997.

The primary plat review approved by the plan commission is the first step for a new development, meaning an overall property is reviewed to be sure it complies with city regulations related to streets, zoning and storm and sanitary sewer systems.

At the time of the meeting, the plan commission and Matt Skelton of Church, Church, Hittle and Antrim, representing American Eagle Life Care, said there were no plans to develop Lot 1.

A public hearing was held to get resident feedback. Only one resident, Ken Tucker, spoke with concerns about what the approval might mean for the commercial space. Skelton said the plans for Sanders Glen are tentative, but in the future, the company plans to have “a senior, independent-type of living facility,” which could potentially be smaller senior residences.

“Right now, all we are doing is positioning this property,” Skelton said. “There’s a lot of clean up to do.”

The commission voted 7-0 in favor of the development plan and primary plat review. Commissioners Randy Graham and Bob Smith were absent from the meeting.