Veterinarian talks pets and COVID-19


Fortunately for pet owners, they don’t have to worry about becoming infected with the new coronavirus by their pets or passing it to their pets.


Dr. Dana Graham, a mobile veterinarian who sees patients between Pendleton and Speedway, including Hamilton County, said lots of research has been done on the topic.

“One of our nationwide labs has done thousands of tests because they’re a global lab and they have found no sign of this virus affecting animals,” Graham said. “We are also being told animals can’t transmit the disease.”

Graham said no correlation has been found between an infected individual coughing and then petting an animal and then the owner becoming infected.

Animals, however, can contract other illnesses. Graham said she is taking precautions to protect her patients’ owners and herself during the pandemic. Safety measures include working in garages instead of the home and using washable gloves because of a nationwide shortage of medical gloves. She’s also trying to stay away from her older clients and check on them via phone.

Veterinarians nationwide are working to reschedule elective appointments, like annual vaccinations, unless a dog needs a rabies vaccine. Veterinarians also are using telemedicine. 

“If a dog starts limping, you can take a video of the limp and then we can say whether it’s something that needs X-rays or if you can come by to pick up medicine,” Graham said

Veterinarian hospitals are offering curbside service for pets requiring care.

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