St.Vincent Carmel Hospital undergoing renovation


020000v2St.Vincent Carmel Hospital officials have announced a significant 28,000-square-foot renovation of the rooms and amenities in the maternity program.
St.VincentCarmel Hospitalofficials conducted extensive research by talking with women and families to learn what they wanted in their hospital experience when having a baby. The hospital learned that the community was interested in more spacious rooms that feature the kind of tasteful décor one might find in a four-star hotel.
“We are excited about the renovation,” said Michelle Slayman, clinical director of OB services at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital. “After eight years of delivering babies in our current facility, we are remodeling our rooms and amenities to meet the needs of patients and families.”

The 124-bed hospital typically delivers babies from northern Marion County, Carmel, Fishers, Westfield and Zionsville. The latest Census Bureau report has indicated that the population in Hamilton County has doubled since 2000. This growth was taken into consideration for the renovation. 
The renovation includes of private, spacious bathrooms with decorative tile featuring rain showerheads. Glass doors will lead to rooms that are more comfortable for the mother, her partner and family. In addition, the exam rooms will be enhanced and expanded during phase I and the labor and delivery rooms and newborn intensive care area will renovated during phase II. Family waiting spaces will also be completely renovated with a new fireplace, glass tile mosaic artwork and furniture. Throughout the newly renovated areas, new photography and artwork featuring children and families will be displayed by local artists.
The labor and delivery suites offer desired features that include a fully adjustable birthing bed and an infant alcove attached to each room. Other amenities include a TV, DVD player and free wireless access.
St.VincentCarmel Hospitalis prepared for anything that may arise before, during and after birth. Should additional care be needed, obstetrician/gynecologists, anesthesiologists and neonatologists are available around the clock. To support high-risk births, the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is designated Level III by the state of Indiana, where babies receive continuous comprehensive care. In addition, the board certified high-risk obstetrical staff specializes in helping expectant moms with various health conditions such as asthma, diabetes or the birth of multiples.
“Most women deliver their babies without complications,” said Slayman. “However, when additional proficiency is needed, the experts at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital are well prepared for anything that might arise.”
The construction of phase I will be complete in the summer of 2011, phase II will start July of 2011.
For more information on the renovation, classes and programs that are offered for soon-to-be mothers and families, visit