City to provide ALS for Wayne Township


The City of Noblesville has agreed to continue its partnership with Wayne Township to provide Advanced Life Support medical services to the Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Dept. Noblesville Fire Chief Ken Gilliam said the agreement will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public safety emergency response and enhance public safety.

Per the one-year agreement, Wayne Township will pay Noblesville $75,000 – $125,000 in two cash payments, and $50,000 in firefighting/EMS equipment which will be kept and housed at NFD stations.

“We passed the ALS contract given the results from the previous year and the cooperative relationship we’ve had with Wayne Township,” said Noblesville Common Council President Greg O’Connor. “It’s a good example of local government working together to the benefit of the taxpayers.”

Gilliam said Noblesville will provide EMT-paramedic personnel, a vehicle and all necessary medical equipment and supplies necessary to provide ALS service to Wayne Township. He added ALS services will come from Noblesville Fire Station 7, or the nearest available fire station ALS equipped and available for service.

NFD will not be responsible for Basic Life Support services or responses in Wayne Township, unless they fall under the mutual aid agreement. The Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Dept. will also be responsible for fire responses in the township.

“Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Dept. shall be responsible for responding with their ambulance and EMT to every ALS service run for which Noblesville is required to respond in Wayne Township,” said Gilliam. “Wayne Township shall be responsible for transporting ALS patients to the hospital on all ALS runs.”

The contract runs through Jan. 1, 2012, and can be renewed annually.


By Robert Herrington