Following the crowd


By Bruce Kimball

Twitter is not just for kids. It has come of age, used by a wide range of Carmel citizens. And what is Twitter, exactly? It is micro blogging. It is a source of information and connection. Tweeters must express themselves, succinctly, one hopes, with a limit of 140 characters. In the two years I have been tweeting about Carmel, I have seen the number and variety of users explode. What started out as an experiment to stay current has resulted in my personal brand of @Carmelbruce with more than 1,540 followers. I comment on a variety of experiences as I work and play here in Carmel. While it is hard to pinpoint the number of active users, my gut feeling is Carmel has one of the more active Twitter communities in central Indiana. That says a lot about the progressiveness and vitality of a community.

You say you have no time to tweet? Karen von Kamecke Sutton (@holycowcupcakes), although busy baking up to 20,000 cupcakes a month, feels it is a valuable tool to stay connected to the community. Local artist and photographer Ron Kern (@ronkernphoto) finds it an avenue to showcase his work and make friends along the way. I followed @CarmelBands as it made its latest trip to the Rose Parade and @carmelathletics,as an update of a high school game and scores.

Realtor Rich Goeman(@MyIndyRealtor) has found a great way to expand his network of friends, while Realtor Gregg Cooper has branded himself as a go-to guy with his @EastofKeystone tweets. If you want to keep abreast of what’s going on at The Center for the Performing Arts, @CarmelPalladium is a must. Want to know what vegetables are in season? Check out @Carmelfarmmrkt.

Whether you are a business or a consumer, Twitter offers valuable, real-time information.

What Twitter isn’t? It is not a platform for blatant advertising, but a medium for businesses to inform and deepen relationships. If you don’t have anything to say, start out with the search function to begin exploring your interests. And, start with #Carmel or Current in Carmel at @CI_Carmel.