The goal that never changes


By Bob Walters


My friend and former pastor, Dave Faust, wrote the foreword for my recent book, “Common Christianity/Uncommon Commentary.”

Dave, now president of Cincinnati Christian University, baptized me Nov. 18, 2001. In his foreword, Dave mentions that on each baptismal anniversary, I mail a letter to him thanking him for his ministry and updating my faith journey. The following testimony, not in the book, is from my 10th letter to Dave a couple months ago:

“It’s a magnificent blessing to believe, to depend, to share with confidence what I know about the reality of Jesus Christ. While I doubt myself plenty, it never occurs to me to doubt Christ.  Satan is the enemy, Christ is always for us … and it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

“Many times I feel as though I’m still in the same spot in life, even in the exact same boat, shall we say. But now, over time, the entire ocean around me has broadened and deepened; become clearer but more endless, safer but with more at stake, easier to understand but impossible to predict. Faith in Christ is an unexpected equation of joy on an ocean of faith, hope and love under the endless, open, brilliant sky of God the Father Almighty.

“Christians always talk about change. But, am I different than I was? No, I am still a sinner. Am I the same? No, I am closer to Christ. Do I, can I, must I trust God? I can’t imagine trusting anyone or anything else. Am I sufficient? No. Christ is sufficient. I am made in the image of God, but insufficient without Christ. In Christ, with Christ and for Christ, it turns out, I am – each of us is – sufficient.

“Ironically, we beg and plead and pray for divine forgiveness that has already been won. We yearn for life that has already been restored and for a divine relationship with God that God Himself relentlessly pursues with the unparalleled pluck, power and preeminence of the serving, saving grace of Jesus Christ. Change can be the thrill or the motion sickness of the journey, but change alone is not – cannot be – a destination.

“Faith in Christ is the goal, the prize, the joy, the first cause … and that never changes.”


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