U.S. 31 Project dates solidify


Mayor Andy Cook announced the most recent plans he discussed with INDOT at the monthly meeting regarding the U.S. 31 project and its impact on Westfield in the immediate years to come. Here’s what you can expect for the next three years:

2012: A lot of demolition in areas, many off-line roads built.

The extension south of Wheeler Road into Industrial Park and around 161st Street on the west side.

The Wheeler Road extension from 181st Street north of 186th Street.

Construction will begin at  the East Street piece from 191st Street to 196th Street my recorder got a little fuzzy here, I just want to confirm this part is correct.

That is all scheduled to begin in approximately July or August 2012.

2013: Primarily construction of the exit and entrance ramps to the interchanges. (what interchanges or areas targeted)

2014: All of the mainline construction

Cook added the schedule may move quicker than expected.

“This project will be a huge asset to Westfield and benefit our City greatly in terms of economic development, but it will be painful during construction.  With the updated construction time, it will be over about three years quicker than we all anticipated,” Cook said.

According to Cook, next month’s meeting with INDOT will discuss maintenance of traffic issues.