WeCAN looks to change school zone speed limits


At the Feb. 13 City Council meeting, Councilman John Dippel updated the council and attending citizens about WeCAN’s latest discussion topics. Dippel, this year’s WeCAN facilitator, said school zone speed limits were the topic of last month’s meeting and will continue to be discussed at the February meeting.

“The majority of the WeCAN group’s views were made clear as we took a poll among the 27 members present about the school zone speed limits,” Dippel said. “The majority of the group supported raising the speed limit to 30 mph in school zones.”

“We generally know school zone enforcement times are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,” Dippel said. “I believe the WeCAN group would eventually like City Council to consider shortening the duration of those times.”

WeCAN meets the last Tuesday of every month. The group meets at the City Hall assembly room. For more information about WeCAN, visit www.westfield.in.gov.