WWS Stakeholder Review posts impressive numbers


Westfield Washington Schools has released the new Stakeholder Review for students, families and community to see how the district is progressing toward goals set in the district’s 2011-2016 Strategic Plan.

In August, the Board of School Trustees approved a new five year strategic plan for 2011-2016 which contains aggressive goals and continues to drive the district vision for world-class achievement. Dr. Mark Keen, WWS Superintendent, presented the first 2011-2016 Stakeholder Review to the School Board at the February meeting and shared the current status toward meeting those goals.

The Stakeholder Review highlights that the district is continuing to raise the bar and has established world-class goals for WWS graduates including a greater than 90% graduation rate, as well as goals that most students will leave their K-12 education as Honors graduates having already earned college credit.

“The strategic plan centers our goals on career and college readiness,” said Cindy Keever, Executive Director of Quality Performance.

“Our goal is to deliver WWS graduates with the skills needed to succeed in the future,” Keever further explained. “Today’s graduates need to be even more skilled and need to have reached greater levels of achievement than their parents needed just to enjoy equivalent success in their adult lives and careers.”

Westfield is committed to preparing all students to have full access to any career and/or college choice that they may choose. That commitment requires a pledge of continuous improvement at all grade levels. The former 2006-2011 strategic plan brought much success in the level of achievement for all students. The district will continue those efforts as well as place further emphasis at the high school level.

“WWS’ strategic plan contains goals that are truly a K-12 effort,” Keever said. “Teachers at all levels are working together to prepare our students and send them off as graduates prepared for career and college – and beyond.”

The end of the 2010-2011 school year brought to a close the previous five year strategic plan that produced much success throughout the district. During the initial strategic plan, WWS used the scorecard process to update district and building progress. With the new strategic plan, the Stakeholder Review process was put into place.

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