Cyclists and drivers need to get along



I am writing in response to Bruce Snyder’s letter in the March 6 edition about the “sarcastic” cyclist. I am that cyclist. Bruce wrote, “without warning, this cyclist put out his arm and began turning in front of me from the bike lane.” As Bruce left the 15 mph roundabout at 116th Street and Keystone Parkway, he failed to “notice” I signaled for a left turn for the three to four vehicles in front of him. No one let me over. As the last one passed, I noticed a sizable space open, signaled and tried to occupy that space. I was shocked at how quickly that space disappeared via Bruce’s SUV. As gas prices continue to rise, it is likely more people will take to bikes in order to run errands, buy groceries, etc. The bottom line is both cyclists and drivers need to get along. Maybe if we try to remember it is our neighbor in the car or on the bike, we will remain civil in our interactions. I know I struggle with this at times, and Bruce, I apologize. Your letter will help me remember that in the future.

Chuck Reidy